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PulseBlasterESR-PRO-cPCITM is a high-speed, programmable, multichannel pulse generator in the CompactPCI form factor.  The PulseBlasterESR-PRO-cPCI offers up to 24 independently controlled channels, variable output rates, up to 4096 instruction words, and powerful program-flow features. PulseBlasterESR-PRO-cPCI can accommodate pulse programs with highly flexible control commands of up to 4k program words, featuring loops (nested 8 levels deep), large loop counter (20 bits, up to 1,048,576 repetitions), and deterministic WAIT opcode with user-programmable latency and high retriggering frequency.Currently available clock frequencies are up to 200 MHz.

Key Specifications

  • CompactPCI form factor
  • High speed - currently up to 200 MHz clock frequency
  • Standard clock stability of 100 ppm, with optional oven-controlled clock oscillator (OCXO) of 200 ppb
  • Up to 24 independently controlled output channels
  • 4 BNC bracket mounted connectors
  • Three IDC headers for all 24 signal outputs
  • 50 ohm impedance matched outputs
  • Programmable pulse lengths from 5 ns (at 200 MHz) per instruction
  • sub-1 ns rise/fall times
  • Down to 5 ns pulse resolution (at 200 MHz)
  • 4k pulse program instruction words
  • Advanced pulse-program flow control: nested loops (8 levels), subroutines 
  • Software and hardware triggering, up to 10 MHz retriggering frequency

Models and Ordering Information

Model Clock Frequency Channels Pulse Resolution Shortest Pulse Memory Words
PBESR-PRO-200-cPCI  200 MHz 21  1/freq_board  5 * (Pulse Resolution)  4k